Saddle Blankets and Pads

We all love them! The colors and pattens and different fabrics and weaves! Our horses need them, some saddles are worked out to fit a horse better with their help.....saddle pads and blankets. But, what works, what holds up, what looks good after repeated wear?

Kimberley Series Superior Poley from Down Under Saddle Supply


Trailrider Comfort Pad with Saddle Bag PAD 550L
From Down Under Saddle Supply
photo coming soon (for now please see above, under Aussie Saddle from Down Under)

First Impressions
Quality. My first impression was what a nicely made item I had just pulled out of the box.

My saddle pad in green, a forest green with black trim. The pad is "rich" looking and the saddle bags are of good size.

One of the first things I noticed was the nice tabs with ties that attach to the saddle so that the saddle pad with not "ride around" while a person rides their horse around. The tabs are made of leather and are a good size but not over sized. The tabs are well sewn to the saddle pad for long life. Leather strips for tying long enough to tie however the rider choices to tie the pad to the saddle. I use a square knot, but I know others that want a bow.

The pad pure wool cover over foam padding for the comfort of the equine. It is 28" x 36" and has suede leather war patches on each side.

Now all that said, here comes the icing. The Saddle Bags on this pad are large (9" x 7" x 3") and close with velcro. My husband, Deron, and I have always carried items with us on each ride we take and we recommend others do the same. These Bags are large enough for not only a small first aid kit, gloves, hat, extra leather pieces, but also a couple of sandwiches. We keep the essential loaded and ready in the bag.

Deron and I have backpacked with animals in packs for years. I have used packs on animals that close with buckles, zippers, and velcro. Using velcro for a normal trail ride is one of the best closures. Items will not fall out in normal riding if the velcro is lined up correctly and kept clean. Velcro is easy to open and close from a riding position for fast and easy access to your items.

As I said, Deron and I use saddle bags regularly. One thing about this type of saddle bag is that once the pad is on, the bags are on. This pad with bags, unlike another that I own with bags, has a large strip of velcro so that you do not need to worry about items falling out of your bags while normal moving your pad around the tack room or on and off the horse.

About the Product

After 30 Days Use

This nice Saddle Pad stays nice even when I should be cleaning it better between rides (shame on me!). I have found that using a horse brush to brush off the underhairs that stick to this pad works great without a lot of static.

I love the saddle bags. Deron and I often carry home fossils while riding on the prairie. The pad seems to be thick enough to pad the equine even when carrying home rocks. The bags are big enough to carry necessities and not too big to be in your way when mounting and dismounting.

Deron's Notes

On Going Notes

After two years of use, this pad is in great shape. No problems with the bags, or color or stress wear.

The contents of this page for Saddle Blankets and Pads will remain under construction. Please check back.

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