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A Bitless Bridle Headstall-Beta in Black
from The Bitless Bridle by Dr.Robert Cook

Abby in The Bitless Bridle by Dr. Cook

First Impressions
Carole Iverson, the Company President, could not have been any nicer or more helpful. Each of my emails were answered quickly and all my questions were addressed.

When the Bridle arrived I was impressed with the quality of the product. I must say we had a few days of rain and then we had some other things that had to be done, before riding, and I felt like a kid at Christmas with a new toy without batteries waiting to try this beautiful item on my Standard Size Donkey.

About the Product
When I received the beta bitless bridle I was all smiles. The bridle came well packed in tissue paper with an invoice and a user's manual. The manual is very informative and covers Application, The Aids, Harnessing and Fitting, Converting to a Halter, Indications For Use and Maintenance as well as The Bitless Bridle "No-Risk" Satisfaction Guarantee. The User's Guide has helpful photos so that anyone could use this product correctly.

I am confident that the average rider could use this product without the user's guide, I would however encourage everyone to read the manual before putting this headstall on your equine. There is more to this product then what meets the average rider's eye, you will be delighted to read about what more this product can do and why it work so well on your equine.

If you did not read that this headstall was made of synthetic materials you would be hard pressed to know. It looks like and almost feels like a good grade leather (and I am a leather crafter). The hardware is quality stainless.

I had mailed my equine's measurements to The Bitless Bridle Co. When the headstall arrived it needed very little adjusting to fit my donkey. Not only was it easy to adjust, it looks nice when on the animal. The adjustments that I did make on the bitless bridle were easy to do.

I found when riding while my donkey was wearing this nice headstall it did just what I was told it would do.

After 30 Days Use
When I first read The Bitless Bridle's website I saw a quote from another customer that said "this thing is magic" I must say, I understand and agree with that quote now.

I have been asked many questions about how the Bitless Bridle fits, how it works, how it is built.... After answering to the best of my ability I always tell the person to go to The Bitless Bridle website because it is all covered there. I have found what they have written there to be nothing but the truth.

Further, they are so confident in the product they build and sell they give a 30 day, no questions asked (but they of course would like to know what the problem was) guarantee. How could you go wrong?

Personally, after 30 days use, I wish I owned a Bitless Bridle for every equine I own.

Deron's Notes

On Going Notes

I have used the/a Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridle on not only Abby, our Donkey, for not only riding but also for driving. I have also used it on a couple of our horses. Recently I bought a horse that they rode in a Hackmore or Bossil. I road her for the first time in a Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridle and it all went very well. Everyone wants a safe ride, everyone wants to feel secure in the saddle of a new horse. I have to say that the horse took to the new Bitless Bridle like a "duck to water".

I also wanted to add that the Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridle had enough adjustability to it for sizing that it fit my large Quarter Horses face very well. The holes were well formed from top to bottom. I like the easy to use buckles. When working with a new horse and sizing we all like for the products we are using to be easy and fast to set up for sizing.

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