Horse Sheets & Blankets

Some Horse Folks love them, other's find them unnecessary....I personally think that out in NW SD it is a must for our equine. There is a lot more to know about using Horse Coats and Sheets on your animals then just throwing them on and going back inside. Fit is important and so is the right weight for the weather. How to use the leg straps and criss cross straps if that is how they are to be used.

I have never had a problem with washing a horse coat or repairing it, but for other's it seems to be rocket science. So on this page with these reviews we hope to answer the questions you might have about Horse Wear

The contents of this page for Horse Sheets & Blankets will remain under construction. Please check back.

We set up a Yahoo Groups group/list on this subject for feedback. We would love for you to join. There you can also ask questions about products, tell your experience with the product, if you are the manufacturer or dealer of the product you might tell us more on the item, talk to the Product Testers, chit chat, share clean jokes and meet new Equine Friends. We encourage you to join us there.

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