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While a person can go out riding in what ever they like, there are some items that will just make your life safer and more comfortalbe while on the back of an Equine.


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Hilly's Sock Machine

First Impressions

WOW! Deon and I each received a pair of Hilly's Handspun Wool Socks as a gift. Hilly is a personal friend of mine. We were so tickled with the soft feel and warmth of these socks! (The photo is of the sock machine that Hilly uses to make these socks.)

I must admit, as a kid, I only remember wool being ITCHY, these socks are far from itchy, they are so soft!

The socks Hilly sells are knit on a 100 year old hand crank circular sock knitting machine and she also makes socks with 100% merino wool yarn, the softest, finest yarn there is.

I am the one that ask Hilly if I could write this up and get her name out to other rider's that want to keep their toes warm while riding.

About the Product

Hilly raises the sheep/wool that these socks are from. She is a loving owner that spoils her herd of Shetland Sheep. They eat correct foods, are well taken care of and well loved.

Hilly spins her own wool. She makes many products with her fibers and sometimes dyes different colors other then just my favorite, naturals.

Seriously, if you feet are cold, you can put these sock on to warm your feet in a natural non harming way on your skin. They will keep your feet warm and are especially nice for outdoor activities.

I machine wash my Hilly Wool socks with my towels on cold or warm (never had a problem, Hilly may tell you to care for them differently) I hang them or lay them flat to dry.

After 30 Days Use

Still look new and are soft after several washings! Color holds, we now own several pairs, mostly natural colors. One pair (soooo soft, in blue) that the color is the same as the day we received them and they have been washed several times.

Deron's Notes

As an outdoors man I must say these are some of the warmest wool socks I have ever worn. Marna and I do not even wear sock liners with Hilly's Wool Socks.

I have worn many different winter socks as a sled dog racer. Remember that as a racer we are on the trail all day, many times without the opportunity to change socks. Hilly's Wool Socks are a sock I would HIGHLY recommend to other mushers or anyone who is trying to keep their feet warm.

On Going Notes

It has been over two years since we first wore our Hilly Wool Socks. they are in good shape and we wear them often, very often. I am soooo pleased with these socks and must admit, they are my favorite socks in the drawer!

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