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Magazines: those wonderful 8 1/2" x 11"ish "soft covered", pictures filled, advertising inciting, information connection, booklet we get in the snail mail or off the shelf, we just can't wait to open item! Here is our opinion on the different "Equine Magazine's" "out there".

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First Impressions
My first impressions came in Jan. 2007 when my husband Deron and I moved to NW SD. I subscribe to many horse magazines. I enjoy reading not only about what is going on in my own discipline, but what others are doing with their equine. I also enjoy reading about types of training and riding I may never do, such as Endurance Riding, Jumping Competition, Dressage, The Show Ring and more. So when I see a "new to me" Horse Magazine I am interested. Most of the horse magazines I subscribe to I read cover to cover including the ads. I save my horse magazines (much to my husband's dismay) and I really do refer back to them. So finding a new magazine that covers the area I now live in and more was a treat.

About the Product
I picked up my first copy of Today's Horse at a local Farm Store in Sturgis, SD. At that time it was a pretty thin publication. As the months went by Today's Horse seemed to fill out a bit more.

It takes a lot of advertisements to publish a magazine and I have noticed more and more businesses and SD as well as other area breeders, trainers and such have started advertising more so more articles could also be published.

I met the publisher's of Today's Horse twice. Once at the Stock Show in Rapid City, SD at their very busy booth and I stopped by their office once.

After 30 Days Use
This product, because of it is a publication, will be reviewed a bit differently. The 30 day use area will not be filled out. I do now have a subscription coming to my home.

Deron's Notes

On Going Notes

This magazine has really grown and become a good source of not just entertainment for the reader, but an honest to goodness information filled magazine. When I first started reading this magazine it was more a "home town" type printing. However, as the publication has grown, so have the pages and the articles have become something that anyone in any area might enjoy. The Magazine offers beautiful photos, nice articles and we of course those inciting advertisements.

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